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9 Reasons Why People Should Travel to India For Medical Reasons

August 6, 2023

Medical tourism is traveling from one’s own country to a foreign nation seeking medical treatment. Therefore, medical tourism in India basically refers to visiting India by patients from other countries for their healthcare requirements. India is considered the best medical tourism destination in Asia. The country grabbed around 60% of revenue.

We all know that medical tourism in India is rising at a fast pace. Therefore, the question that shakes our minds is what factors are fueling the growth of medical tourism in India. The answer to this question is pretty concise. There are several reasons for foreign patients to seek treatment in India. We will discuss the reason below.

9 Reasons Why People Should Travel to India For Medical Reasons

  1. Excellent healthcare at affordable costs

With world-class hospitals equipped with modern healthcare technologies, India offers medical services similar to developed nations. Patients can avail of quality healthcare and service at half the cost of the UK and the US.

  1. Cost savings for the patients

Developed countries like the U.S. and UK demand extremely high charges for major medical procedures like cardiac surgeries, orthopedic treatments, etc. Patients can get the same treatment at 50% cost in India. A lower hospital cost enables patients visiting India to afford better quality services. They can choose to stay in the hospital for an extended period during treatment and recovery. It would otherwise be highly expensive in their homeland.

  1. Avoiding waiting lists

A big reason why foreign patients should prefer medical tourism in India is the prompt attention to their health concerns. The same may take a long waiting time in their home country. This is particularly suitable for patients with chronic diseases. They have to live on medicines in their country before getting a chance to undergo surgery.

  1. World-class doctors

India boasts of a pool of world-famous doctors and surgeons. They have spent significant time abroad for their study and/or practice. This advantage keeps them in sync with the latest technologies and enables them to provide the same in India. It also attracts patients to medical tourism in India to get treatment from widely skilled and acclaimed doctors.

  1. Customized approach
    Medical tourism compani
    es in India assist tourists with well-thought-out plans. It includes comprehensive services like obtaining a medical visa, preparing documents, arranging appointments, etc. They also arrange stay and transportation for medical care and even sightseeing.
  2. Convenient Stay

The people who travel for medical reasons always travel with some attendants. Also, any critical treatment requires some days of stay post-surgery. Most of the complex surgeries are done in metro cities like Delhi and Mumbai. There are many hotels and homestays available in these cities at affordable prices. So, your friends and relatives can stay conveniently during your treatment.

  1. Modern technology

India is a developing country and it provides maximum priority to developing a strong yet modernized healthcare system in the country. The best way to accomplish this is by including advanced medical technologies and recent diagnostic tools in the hospitals. Almost every big government and private hospital in major cities in India are equipped with the latest technology and advanced tools.

  1. Traditional healthcare therapies

Ayurveda, which originated in India around 5000 years ago, is still a popular way of healing patients. Apart from Ayurveda, there are other traditional healthcare treatments like Homoeopathy, naturopathy, yoga, and Unani. It contributes to a considerable level of the growth of medical tourism in India. Many foreigners visit India for a comprehensive period of stay to avail mental and physical well-being through Ayurveda and Yoga. Many ayurvedic therapies and treatments attract patients to Kerala & Bangalore, particularly Bangalore, Karnataka.