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What You Need to Know about Medical Tourism?

March 29, 2022

What is medical tourism?

Medical tourism is related to traveling to different countries for medical treatment. Many medical tourists travel to other countries for their treatment to explore alternative treatments. Millions of people favor it as it offers high-quality facilities, special procedures by specialists, and a chance to explore new countries.

Medical tourism in India has increased in the past years. The reason is that in the United States, the cost of bypass surgery is around $70,000, and in India, it is around $7000, saving a huge amount of your pocket.

But there are many risks and challenges you will face with traveling for treatment or surgery. Here are some major factors, benefits, and risks regarding medical tourism that you should know:

Medical tourism: Benefits

Patients go to other countries for different Treatments for Bypass Surgery, dental care, organ transplant, cancer treatment, etc. The benefits of medical tourism are given below:

Low cost

You will get the Best Treatment in India at a reasonable price, far less than in the United States. The cost of treatment in India is about 1/10th times less than the cost of the same treatment in the United States/ United Kingdom.


The latest techniques and technology are used in India for the high-quality treatment of patients. India has accredited hospitals of about 28 JCI.


India is a country of diversity. The official language here is English, so any international patient won’t feel any communication barrier and will get effective treatment.

Waiting time

It’s a plus point in India that you don’t need to wait long for surgeries. Otherwise, in countries like the US, UK, etc., patients have to wait a long time for their complicated surgeries.

Medical tourism: What you need to know before you go?

Here are a few important points you should consider before planning to travel to another country for medical treatment.

Do your homework

If you are planning to opt for medical tourism for your Dental Treatment, then first, you need to do proper research from your side before taking the steps ahead. Do proper internet research about the hospital, its specialist doctor, and the faculty. Take benefit from the reputed hospital as there are more chances of getting the right doctor and good faculty and facilities. Apart from the hospital, research the specialist who will be controlling your surgery. Check their reviews and contact previous patients who did their treatment under your chosen faculty.

Take help from your regular doctor in your decision-making

If you are considering traveling to another country for your surgery, then it’s good if you involve your regular doctor in the decision-making. Your local doctor knows your health well, so that he can communicate with the international one regarding your health issues and more. Your local doctor knows your health issues more nicely, so he can help you decide which is better for your treatment.

Don’t travel alone

It’s always beneficial for medical tourists to bring one family member, friend, or loved one with them during the medical treatment of complicated surgery. The person will help you to recover rapidly after the surgery and support you in the recovery time. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to manage everything alone in a different country.

Consider medical tourists facilitators

Medical tourism facilitators help individual patients find the best country, hospital, surgeons, and other needful. Medical tourism facilitators are experts who deeply understand medical procedures, treatments, providers, etc., in a particular region. You can reduce your stress of finding the best country for healthcare by contacting medical tourism facilitators. They will easily assist you with healthcare provider selection, system navigation, travel planning, etc.

Medical tourism: Risk

You must know the risks of medical tourism apart from its benefits. Here are some obstacles you might encounter while going to a foreign country for medical treatment:

Poorly trained surgeons

Along with the hospital, research the surgeons who will carry out your treatment like their experience, highly trained and talented. Check their reviews and credentials.

Quality of staff

Apart from hospitals and surgeons, staff also plays a crucial role in successful treatment. A well-experienced and quality staff will resolve the small problems before it becomes a giant issue.

Language barriers

Look for a country where English is the official language so that you can easily tell them about your treatment to the doctor. So that it doesn’t affect your treatment.

Quality of facilities

Healthcare systems and facilities should also be checked. Check whether the facilities provided by a particular hospital are updated and clean.